Trial Overview & Journey Sample

Here we show a clinical trial timeline — what a participant’s trial journey looks like, from the beginning to when they get the results. Each visit ‘milestone’ is explained: just click on the visit name for all the details.


When you first attend the screening visit for phases I-III, the study is explained in detail and you can ask any questions. If you decide to participate, the study nurse will review the informed consent form with you and ask for your signature and permission to proceed with the screening evaluations.

Lasts 1-3 hours

  Meet with the specialist
  • Ask any questions you may have
  • Physical exam/evaluation
  • Medical history review (including medication)
  Evaluation testing
  • Depending on the trial protocol, these could include lab tests, X-rays, CT scan, physical exam, etc.
  Meet with the study coordinator
  • Receive and review your trial journey book
  • Review other trial-related literature
  • Ask any questions you may have
  Complete sponsor documents
  • Questionnaires on health, work issues, depression, coping mechanisms, managing your condition, etc.
  Review informed consent form
  • Both parties sign (or you take it home first — if/when you sign the consent form, evaluation tests and the sponsor documents are completed on your next visit.)
  • Discuss trial safety, side effects, number of visits, and financial considerations