Welcome to Patients at Heart, the program created specifically to support and inform clinical trial patients and the people in their support networks, as well as anyone interested in joining a clinical trial in Canada.

We want patients to feel confident and have as much control over their trial and condition as possible, so we try to provide information that’s clear and easy to understand, explaining what a clinical trial is for, how it runs, and the people involved, along with detailed information about the medical conditions.


Who should use Patients at Heart?

Anyone thinking of joining a clinical trial, currently participating in one, or who has just completed a trial can consult Patients at Heart. As can a patient’s friend or family member. The information and support found here benefit anyone directly or indirectly involved in a trial journey.


How should I use Patients at Heart?

You and your support network can use PaH for guidance anytime before, during and after your trial. 


What else should I know about?

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History of Patients at Heart

The Patients at Heart program makes a real difference in the lives of clinical trial patients.

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About AbbVie

A dedication to patients that has lasted for over a century.

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