Trial Overview & Journey Sample

Here we show a clinical trial timeline — what a participant’s trial journey looks like, from the beginning to when they get the results. Each visit ‘milestone’ is explained: just click on the visit name for all the details.


Similar to the other visits (except that home monitoring is over), this visit doesn’t always mean the journey’s end — the trial may require follow-up visits. Ask when the results will be available, and how you’ll be informed. While your part may be over, the clinical trial itself can last longer.

  Meet with the specialist
  • Ask any questions you may have
  • Physical exam if required
  • Discuss medical history change
  • Discuss treatment options
  Discuss informed consent

The informed consent can be periodically updated during the trial (contact info, location change, side effects, etc.). If/when there are any changes or additions, you’ll be informed by the study coordinator.

  Meet with the study coordinator
  • Ask any questions you may have
  • Discuss medication you are taking
  • Discuss and account for drug intakes; review your diary
  • Discuss medical history change

Depending on the trial protocol and medical condition, these could include lab tests, X-rays, CT scan, physical exam, etc.

  Sponsor documents
  • Questionnaires on health, work issues, etc.