The Patients at Heart program is specifically designed to inform and empower trial patients and their loved ones.

Patients at Heart is an AbbVie initiative, a company with dedicated people working hard behind the scenes for the betterment of patients everywhere.

Yes. As part of Patients at Heart, AbbVie researches conditions to provide detailed medical information and valuable advice from real-life patients, like practical tips that make it easier to live with the condition, and the medical and complementary therapies available.

Please note that the information on this Web site should not be used as a substitute for seeking medical advice or treatment from a physician. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a medical condition or health problem. Speak to your health care provider if you have any questions about your medical condition, symptoms or treatment options.

The site’s main sections cover all the essentials about clinical trials, the history and people behind AbbVie, and even information about various conditions. This is all available to everyone.

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Absolutely, it’s designed to do just that: it explains the different phases of clinical trials, how they work, how they’re regulated, and provides links to current trials. It shows how patients are protected by various regulatory bodies, and provides a complete in-depth review of the whole process. In addition, you’ll find a glossary of terms and practical, day-to-day considerations for participants so that they can prepare and smoothly integrate the trial into their daily lives.

Rest assured, when you participate in a clinical trial, it is our priority to protect patient privacy and confidentiality. All your personal health information and trial records are protected through a numbering system: your name and contact details will never appear or be disclosed, unless required by law. Even trial results published in scientific journals are completely anonymous and cannot be linked to individual trial participants.

To find a trial that may be right for you or someone you know, you can browse the recent or current AbbVie clinical studies that are targeting various conditions. To find more trials, you can also visit clinicaltrials.gov.

When your participation is over, you can ask the trial doctor or the research facility for your records. However, the trial may continue, and no results can be shared before it is officially completed. As soon as the trial results can be made public, the results appear on this Web site.