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Help your friends and family help you!

When you have uveitis, it’s essential to keep the lines of communication open – with your family, friends and even trusted coworkers. You can help them understand what it’s like to live with uveitis and what can help you feel better and live life more fully. Strive to talk openly about it – especially with the people you like, and who make you feel you can safely be yourself.

Here are some tips and helpful insights we’ve learned from patients:

  • Ask those closest to you to learn about your condition. This will help them understand your symptoms better and how you feel about them. It may give them new ideas about how to make things easier for you in day-to-day life, and the awareness alone will make you all more comfortable dealing with uveitis. Mutual understanding often arises from education – friends and relatives can read this or other Web sites, look up reliable sources of information in libraries, or go with you to some of your appointments. Consulting the Canadian Uveitis Society website is another option.

  • Let them know you need their support. This could be just some welcome empathy when you need to talk – even about things not directly related to uveitis. Nourish your important personal relationships – share how you are feeling physically and emotionally. There will be times when you experience more symptoms and limitations, and are frustrated. But at other times you’ll feel so good you won’t be thinking about uveitis at all.

  • Always be open and honest about your uveitis. It’s the only way people can help you. Search out proper medical support and try not to let your uveitis dictate your life. And if you’ve ever concluded that your doctor or loved ones aren’t doing enough because “They don’t know what it’s like”, perhaps that’s because you haven’t fully told them. Help them to help you by letting them know what you’re experiencing and what you want and need from them. Here are some examples of what you may ask of your friends and family:

    • Reading to you

    • Driving you to appointments or activities

    • Helping you administer your eye drops