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Talk to your doctor

Leukemia is different for every patient, with treatment tailored to each individual case. The key is to closely follow your healthcare team’s instructions for the steps and medications to take. Be persistent in following your treatment. Keep notes and communicate regularly with your doctor about the effects of your treatment. If you feel there’s a problem with your treatment, or are experiencing any side effects, talk to your doctor right away about these concerns. Don’t hold back from asking questions. Be pro-active and involved in the decision-making about your health. 

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your appointment with people on your healthcare team:

  • Be open and honest about how you’re feeling 
  • If you want a loved one to talk with your healthcare team either with you or on your behalf, it helps to choose one person to play this role. This will help avoid having many people asking your healthcare team the same questions 
  • Write down any questions you have and bring the list with you 
  • Take notes 
  • Ask who you should call if something happens between scheduled appointments 
  • Try not to become hostile or angry during your appointment, this can affect how your healthcare team communicates with you