Trial Overview & Journey Sample

Here we show a clinical trial timeline — what a participant’s trial journey looks like, from the beginning to when they get the results. Each visit ‘milestone’ is explained: just click on the visit name for all the details.

Participants can sign in for an instant visualization of their own journey.

Clinical Trial Visits

The number of your clinical visits will depend on the specifics and length of the study. There may be follow-up visits that include a brief physical exam (not generally in phase IV observational), a review of your study medications and your symptoms, and lab tests. 

Meet with the specialist

  • Ask any questions you may have
  • Physical exam if required 
  • Discuss medical history change 

Meet with the study coordinator

  • Ask any questions you may have
  • Discuss possible side effects 
  • Discuss medical history change 
  • Discuss medication you are taking 
  • Discuss and account for drug intakes; review your diary


  • Depending on the trial protocol and medical condition, these could include lab tests, X-rays, CT scan, physical exam, etc.  

Sponsor documents

  • Questionnaires on health, work issues, etc.

Receive trial treatment

  • Pills, injections provided*, and either administered by coordinator/nurse, or patient is taught how to self-administer

* Phases I-III. In phase IV observational trials, patients get their medication at a pharmacy through prescription.

At-home monitoring

Continue journaling: enter medications, start/stop dates, dosages, reactions, health status, mood status, symptoms, etc. Complete any questionnaires that were not already done at the study clinic.