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Be gentle with your skin

The following suggestions may help relieve soreness, speed up healing and prevent any skin infection from getting worse or spreading:

  • Avoid wearing perfume or perfumed deodorants in the places your skin gets lumpy and sore. 
  • Stop shaving where you have breakouts, as it can irritate the skin. If you want to remove hair, ask your dermatologist what you can safely use. 
  • Make a habit of frequently and gently washing the places you have flares with antibacterial or antiseptic soap or shower gel. This will rid the skin of germs (bacteria). (Note: We all have harmless bacteria living on our skin. This is normal. Having too much bacteria is what we want to avoid – especially with HS.)
    • Antibacterial/antiseptic washes will not cure your HS but they are a good option to help sores drain and heal faster. After washing, it may help to apply an over-the-counter antibiotic. To be sure it is right for you, always check with your doctor or pharmacist before applying any type of cream.